Preparing for photo shoots

(Rev. 28 January 2018)


Please try to arrive 15 minutes early to allow time for paperwork (modeling release) and payment processing. Be sure to bring a driver's license or official government-issued ID. The model release is required, granting consent for your images to be shared online by the Photographer, offered for potential licensing for use on book covers (with compensation), and for use in the photographer's own projects (e.g. business cards, calendars, etc.)

My home studio is located at 16417 Mahogany Drive, Athens, AL. 35613.

This is situated about 30 minutes north of Huntsville International Airport (code HSV) and about an hour and a half south of Nashville Airport (code BNL). 


Street Parking at Home Studio. Parking while on location varies. Pay attention and obey all traffic and parking laws; FuriousFotog is not responsible for any penalties incurred. 


There is no set limit to the number of looks in the photography session; the only limit is time. 

I shoot casual, so a mix of jeans, tank tops, well fitting (form-fitting) shirts is best, and workout clothes (pro-combats, etc.) shoot fairly well.  A few other items like button-ups, zip up hoodies, and jackets are a good mix, or if more formal looks are desired, full suits are great. 

Tattered and worn clothing also helps add character and interest, so bring that as well if you have any, along with accessories such as jackets, hoodies, or caps.

If any underwear shots are being done, bring branded designer underwear like CK, Diesel, 2-Xist, Andrew Christian, or other brands. Briefs work very well; I recommend avoiding longer styles that will cover your legs. Swimwear should be square cut or shorter (board shorts do not photograph well).

Additional clothing tips:

  • Solid colors are best. Avoid patterns and extremely bright colors

  • Clothes should fit well and be free of wrinkles.

  • For fitness/physique photography, bring form-fitting wear including tank tops, sleeveless shirts, as well as shirts with varying necklines. Button-up shirts add variety as well.

  • Designer underwear for men (briefs, boxer-briefs). Solid colors are preferred.

  • Clothing with various textures and layers (vests, jackets) can add interest. Worn or distressed clothing can also add some distinction to the shoot.

  • To make your eye color pop, consider the following: Blue eyes may be enhanced by a blue, green, brown or gray shirts. Green eyes with earthy tones or subtle grays. Brown and hazel eyes tend to have a wider range of colors that enhance them.

  • It is better to have too much than not enough.


Arrive with clean skin lightly moisturized. It is strongly suggested that you do not experiment with new skincare products or facials close to the day of your shoot. Please do not use bronzer or apply tanning color as it tends to appear blotchy and unnatural in photos and will require additional time and cost to correct.

If you are planning to tan before our shoot date and are prone to skin redness after tanning, please ensure enough days have passed from the tanning session to avoid having reddish skin tones during the shoot. For a physique-oriented shoot, we may apply some oil/gel for added sheen and muscularity.

Please note that hair and makeup services are not provided as part of the shoot, so please arrive camera-ready and bring any hair or makeup product if any touch-ups or adjustments are necessary.

The Photo Shoot:

It is recommended you arrive 10-15 minutes before the shoot the time, though no earlier as I may be finishing up with another client or preparing for our shoot. Arriving later will shorten your shoot time; payment due applies to the entire scheduled duration. Paperwork and payment will be completed before the commencement of the shoot. Credit card or check is accepted, or prepayment via PayPal.

My goal for any shoot is to capture the model in the best manner possible while providing a variety of looks and styles which will give them a great selection of images to choose from -- consistent with my style. I strive to keep a relaxed, yet professional environment.

After The Shoot:

Please refer the rates ( or signed agreement for full details, as it may vary depending on the photography package purchased.

Cancellations & Rescheduling:

Shoots that are canceled on the part of the photographer will include an automatic refund of the retainer if rescheduling is not possible. Other cancellations are subject to the most current terms and conditions.