Book Covers - Frequently Asked Questions

(Rev. 05 August 2018)

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What does the License include?

Image Licenses from FuriousFotog grant exclusive use of purchased Image or Images for book covers of any genre, including romance and erotica. 

Does the License require renewal? 

No. FuriousFotog Image Licenses are indefinite and do not expire.

Does the License have territory or sales restrictions?

No. FuriousFotog Image Licenses are global and do not expire after exceeding a certain number of sales.

NOTE: Some publishers may have their own contracts with different terms; these are reviewed and handled on a case-by-case basis.

Can I use the Image on an audiobook cover?

Yes. FuriousFotog Image Licenses cover ebooks, physical copies, and audiobook editions of a book.

Can I use the same Image on a second or third book cover, like for a Duet or Trilogy?

Yes, but there is a fee. If you wish to use the same Image on a second book cover, there is a $200 fee.

If you wish to use the same Image on more than two covers, there is a $100 fee for each additional cover after the second.

Can I use the Image on swag or teasers?

Yes. You can use the Image in any promotional manner, including but not limited to swag, teasers, banners, free cups or other merchandise. 

Can I use the Image on products that I want to sell?

Yes, but there is a fee. If you wish to use the Image on a product that you will sell for profit, you must provide a 20% royalty to FuriousFotog. Please price your product(s) accordingly.

Can I resell the Image to someone else?

No. Licenses are non-transferrable and non-sublicensable.

Is the same Image re-sold to another person after I buy it? I don't want to see the same shot on someone else's cover.

No. Images are exclusive, meaning the same one will not be sold to another Licensee. See Exclusivity  and Image Modification sections for more.



What am I paying for?

You are buying the exclusive right to use an Image for commercial use on the cover of a book cover. This covers all forms of the Work, including ebook, physical copies, and audiobooks for an indefinite amount of time, globally, and without sales restrictions. 

What is the price comprised of?

For a standard FuriousFotog Image License, the price is a sum total of both a Photographer Fee ($300) plus a Talent Fee. A quick reference guide is available here.

What is a Talent Fee?

A Talent Fee is an independently determined rate that a model or their management/agency requires for use of their Image in a commercial manner (as granted by the License). This fee begins at $300 for FuriousFotog Images, but may be higher as set by freelance models or agencies.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. Payment plans are offered via a PayPal invoice that can be paid on at your leisure. 

Are the payment plan invoices due at a specific point?

Yes. Invoices carry a 4-month term.

Are there any other fees?

Yes. A 3% fee is assessed when using a PayPal invoice at the $600 and $650 price-points. This covers the 3% fee assessed by PayPal to merchants utilizing their invoicing services. 

FuriousFotog no longer applies this fee for images that are above $650.



I like an Image but the background is black. Can you change it to white/gray?

Yes. The Image background can be adjusted from its default black to any color or gradient at no charge. See below for anything that goes beyond this single color change.

Can my cover designer change the Image to suit my needs?

Yes. The Image may be modified in any way for your cover. For example: changing hair and eye color, adding or removing tattoos, changing backgrounds to include other things like a cityscape, etc. As long as the end result does not defame the model or FuriousFotog, you're okay.

NOTE: FuriousFotog is only responsible for the integrity of the original Image that is sold. FuriousFotog is not responsible for the resulting design that is created by the Licensee and/or a cover designer (i.e. cropping, editing, styling). 

Can FuriousFotog add things to the Image for me or even design the cover?

Yes, but with a cost. The Image may be modified by FuriousFotog instead of a cover designer but this will incur an additional editing service fee (typically $150 with an image purchase, $300 without an image purchase). Normally cover design happens over the months of December and January (due to bust spring to fall travel). 

NOTE: FuriousFotog will NOT design or change an image to look like someone else's cover design.


I've seen a different Image I like better. Can I change the one I picked for a new one?

Yes. You are allowed to change your selection for a replacement Image one time per contract within the first 45 days. 

NOTE: Some models have higher or lower Talent Fees which may change the overall price of the License if you change.

Why can I only change my mind once and in a specified period?

When a Licensee selects a photo, it is taken off the market and others cannot buy it. Limiting the number of changes and the time in which it can be exchanged also limits the number of Images that are potentially tied up in the administrative process (which can cause the Image to miss a sale or remain unsold).



I have changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

Yes, but with limitations. Licensees are able to cancel their License at any time when making payments. The amount paid will be refunded, less the $150 non-refundable down payment. No refunds are given once paid in full, the invoice goes overdue, and/or the full resolution Image has been delivered.

Why is the down payment non-refundable?

Similarly to Image Replacements, when a Licensee selects a photo, it is taken off the market and others cannot buy it. Depending on the amount of time or popularity of the Image, there may have been missed sale opportunities (other clients turned away, etc.). This deposit ensures FuriousFotog is able to maintain a minimum bottom line. 



What does "exclusive" mean?

The Image you purchase will not be sold to another Licensee.

Will an image in the same outfit or at the same location still be available for others to buy?

Yes. Standard FuriousFotog Image Licenses grant exclusivity to the particular pose/shot that is purchased (and similar ones immediately before or after). Other photos from the same session, and in the same outfit will still available for sale unless the Licensee has paid for a full custom photo shoot or "buys out" a segment. See Custom Photo Shoot section for more.   

Example: A purchased image shows a model dressed in a suit on a studio backdrop. He is looking forward with hands on his lapels, and that image is purchased. There are other images from the session of the model in the same suit and backdrop, but with both his hands in pockets, one hand in pocket standing casually to the side while checking his watch, and another looking down with a look of despair. Those particular images would still be available for purchase by another Licensee, but not the forward look with hands on lapels. A similar example is a standard studio shot of a man sitting on a stool with a depressed look, head in hands, looking to the ground. If that image is sold, a shot of the same man on a stool with a stern look at the camera would still be available.  

Do I have full copyright of the Image after purchase? 

No. The License grants use of the Image to the Licensee, but not full copyright. FuriousFotog retains full copyrights and can use the Image for their own projects/promotion in a manner that will not infringe upon the rights granted to the Licensee.



What is the difference between a "custom request" and a "full custom photo shoot"?

Custom Request

This is a photo that is requested prior to an already scheduled photo shoot. This look (outfit and pose) would be licensed to the Licensee just as any other photo under a standard FuriousFotog Image License. Other shots in the same outfit would still be available for others to purchase in this case. (See Package A and B here for more information.)

Full Custom Photo Shoot

This is a photo shoot that is scheduled specifically for the Licensee. As such, the Licensee has exclusive access to those photos and none will be available for sale to others. This service is priced at Photographer's rate of  $450-$500 (see Package C and D here for more information).

Are Talent Fees included in a full custom shoot price?

No. Talent is scheduled and paid independently. Normally Licensees have someone in mind and have made initial arrangements with them before contacting FuriousFotog.  

What other fees am I looking at?

In addition to the session fee for a full custom shoot ($450-$500), travel costs, lodging costs, and M&IE (Per Diem) are the responsibility of the Licensee.



Do you offer design services?

Yes, but on a limited basis, with travel and shooting schedules being the primary driver. Don't let that stop you from enquiring :) 

What is your price?

$150 for a full cover wrap, ebook, and audiobook cover using standard stock elements. 
There is an additional fee of $150 if you would like more advanced editing done, like a steampunk cover similar to The Steam Tycoon.